Ohio High School State Tournaments and All State Athletes



   Swimming =

          Owen Conley (Waynesville) 200 IM State Champion

               State Record = 1:47.52

          Sam Campbell (Oakwood) 500 Freestyle - 2nd

          Owen Conley (Waynesville) 100 Backstroke - 3rd

          Sam Campbell (Oakwood) 100 Backstroke - 5th

          Audrey Conley (Waynesville) 500 Freestyle - 5th

          Audrey Conley (Waynesville) 200 Freestyle - 7th

          Fla McCarty (Oakwood) 100 Breaststroke - 12th

          Waynesville Girls 400 Freestyle Relay - 14th

          Cameron Bybee (Bellbrook) 200 Freestyle - 15th

          William Kelley (Waynesville) 100 Backstroke - 15th

      Wrestling Duals = Brookville Team - (Tied for 3rd)   

      Cross Country: Oakwood Girls Team - D. II (5th Place)

          Grace Hartman-2nd/Elizabeth Vaughn-4th/Bella Butler-5th

          Abby Snodgrass-130th/Katy Butler-144th

          Lily Kaval-170th/Cat Svobodny-174th

     Waynesville Boys Team D. III (7th Place)

          Colin Amato-20th/Kaden Harvey-24th/Trevor Camp-88th

          Denver Johnson-109th/Caden Adams-118th

          Eli Click-126th/Levi Morgan-164th

          Bellbrook D. I Boys - Takumi Ford - 16th

          Brookville D. II Boys - Justin Bland - 19th

          Oakwood D. II Boys - Kyle Lethander - 59th 

     GolfOakwood Team = 671 D. II (5th Place)

          Rylan Quigley-164/Tom McCarthy-167/RC Cosler-173

          RJ Plunkett-174/Dan Flannery-174

     Girls Tennis

          Sophie Russell and Natalie Connelly (Oakwood)  

               3rd Place Doubles

          Macy Hitchcock (Eaton) - Singles

          Lily McCloskey (Oakwood) - Singles

All State Honors:

     Bellbrook = Takumi Ford-2nd Team Cross Country

                         Ben Borszcz-2nd Team Football

                         Taylor Jordan-3rd Team Football

     Brookville = Justin Bland-2nd Team Cross Country

     Carlisle = Kaylee Dingee-3rd Team Girls Basketball

     Eaton =  Jarod Lee-1st Team Football                   

                   Shay Perry-3rd Team Volleyball

     Franklin = Braden Woods-1st Team Football

     Madison = Grant Whisman-1st Team Boys Basketball

                       Connor Blaylock-1st Team Football

                       Kenzi Saunders-2nd Team Girls Basketball

                       Devin Oligee-3rd Team Football

     Milton Union = AJ Lovin-2nd Team Football

                              Nathan Brumbaugh-3rd Team Football                              

     Monroe = Ben Griffis-1st Team Soccer /Alyssa Beckett-1st Team Soccer

     Northridge = Jerron Lander-3rd Team Football

                           Darryl Story-3rd Team Football

     Oakwood = Grace Hartman, Elizabeth Vaughn and Bella Butler-1st

          Team Cross Country

                         Sophie Russell and Natalie Connelly-3rd Team Tennis Doubles

     Preble Shawnee = Ben Hobbs-3rd Team Football

     Valley View = Noah Harrison-1st Team Football

                            Aubrey Stupp-1st Team Girls Basketball

                            Cade Cradlebaugh-3rd Team Football

                            Justin Bromagen-3rd Team Football

     Waynesville = Mac Greely-2nd Team Soccer

                            Colin Amato-2nd Team Cross Country

                            Ty Walters-3rd Team Football

                            Masen Lukens-3rd Team Football