Regional Semi-Finals:

     Wyoming = 29  Valley View = 12

     St. Mary's Memorial = 55  Franklin = 31

     CHCA = 45  Milton Union = 28

Regional Quarterfinals:

     Franklin = 41  Tipp City = 40

     Valley View = 34  Waverly = 0

     Milton Union = 55  Cin. Aiken = 18

     Greenview = 21  Carlisle = 20

     Coldwater = 47  Brookville = 13

OHSAA Playoff Teams:

     Division III = Franklin (1st)

     Division IV = Valley View (5th)

     Div. V = Carlisle (3rd) / Milton Union (4th) / Brookville (7th)

All State:

     Div. III:

          1st Team Offense = Noah Kremer (Franklin)

          2nd Team Offense = Ryan Montgomery (Franklin)

          2nd Team Defense = Trenten Scott (Franklin)

     Div. IV:

          2nd Team Offense = Adam Valenti and Colin Genslinger (Valley View)

          2nd Team Defense = Stone Day (Valley View)

          Special Mention = Ryan Friend and Max Evans (Madison)

     Div. V:

          2nd Team Offense = Ridge Reed (Carlisle)

          2nd Team Defense = Reece Human and Caleb Coy (Carlisle)

          Special Mention = Keaton Lucous and Krue Thwaits (Milton Union)

                    Derrick Skinner (Northridge)

All Southwest District:

     Div. III First Team:

          Ryan Montgomery (Frk) - Offensive Player of the Year

          Brad Childers (Frk) - Coach of the Year

          Noah Kremer and Trenton Scott (Frk) / Ghye Wilson (Eat)

     Div. III Second Team:

          Drew Ashurst and Justin Havens (Bell)

          Nate Glossip and Braden White (Frk)

     Div. IV First Team:

          Bob Skidmore (VV) - Coach of the Year

          Adam Valenti, Colin Genslinger and Stone Day (VV)

          Ryan Friend, Max Evans and Logan Alward (Mad)

     Div. IV Second Team:

          Connor Dinkler (Oak) / Logan Hannah (VV)

          Alex Bannister (Mon)

     Div. V First Team:

          Ridge Reed, Reece Human and Caleb Boy (Car)

          Keaton Lucous and Krue Thwaits (MU)

          Derrick Skinner (NR)

     Div, V Second Team:

          DJ Chambers, Steve Summer and Zayne Hart (Car)

          Bailey Wallen, Cameren Alber and Alex Cruea (Brk)

          Tyler Courtright (MU)