Congratulations to the following Playoff Teams:

     Division III = Franklin (3rd) vs. New Richmond (6th)

     Division IV = Valley View (1st) vs. Waverly (8th)

     Division V  =  Madison (2nd) vs. Anna (7th)

First Round:  Regional Quarterfinals

     Valley View  42  Waverly  0

     Madison  14  Anna  10

     New Richmond  17  Franklin  10

Second Round:  Regional Semifinals

     Valley View  20 vs. Clinton Massie  28

     Madison  35 vs. Cin. Hills Christian Academy  27

Third Round:  Regional Finals

     Madison  42 vs. West Jefferson  7

State Tournament:

     Semifinals = Madison 10  vs.  Wheelersburg 15

All State Football:

     Bob Skidmore (Valley View) - Division IV Coach of the Year


          Logan Hannah (Valley View) - Division IV Defensive Player of the Year

          Stone Day (Valley View) - Div. IV / Colin Genslinger (Valley View) - Div. IV 

          Adam Valenti (Valley View) - Div. IV / Alex Mumy (Bellbrook) - Div. III

          Bailey Wallen (Brookville) - Div. V


          DJ Chambers (Carlisle) - Div. V / Luke Lovely (Preble Shawnee) - Div. V

          Cameron Svarda (Madison) - Div. V / Colen Pelgen (Madison) - Div. V

          Zac Shields (Milton Union) - Div. V


          Jack Campbell (Bellbrook) - Div. III / Jake Moore (Carlisle) - Div. V

          Colen Bolen (Madison) - Div. V