Sectional Tournament:  District Qualifier

     Division II Sectional Champion = Bellbrook

All District:

     Kira Merkle (Bellbrook) - Div. II District Player of the Year

     Mara Neal and Sara Rogers (Bellbrook) - Div. II 1st Team

     Sydney Krane (Bellbrook) - Div. II 2nd Team 

     Kaylie Campbell (Preble Shawnee) - Div. III District Player of the Year

     Samanthe Shell (Dixie) - Div. III 1st Team

     Kylie Johnson (Preble Shawnee) - Div. III 2nd Team

     Sydney Creamer (Dixie) - Div. III 2nd Team

     Madison Simon (Dixie) - Div. III 2nd Team